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iTech Production Group
A Subsidiary of iDJ Services


How it works 

  1.  A sound technician delivers, sets up, and operates the system on the day of the event for one location. 

  2.  You create playlists which will be preloaded using our online booking form. 

  3. Pre-made playlists are also available for all aspects of the event as an added bonus and are created by professional DJs from iDJ Services.

I - Mix Music System 2 .png

What's included

  1. Two speakers to entertain up to 100 guests. 

  2. One wireless handheld microphone for announcements and speeches. 

  3. Two LED dance lights.

  4. Upto 100GB of space with your music prepared.

  5. One Auxiliary input for connecting your own music player or phone.

  6. A technician at the event for 6 Hours. 

i - Mix Music System 3.png
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