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Hanz Parkinson

Mix DJ / MC

Vancouver Wedding DJ JM Brown

JM Brown

Mix DJ / MC

Vancouver Wedding DJ Wadah Nour

Wadah Nour

Mix DJ / Bilingual MC


Alex Rocco

Mix DJ / MC


What sets iDJ apart?


We are open-format DJs:


We're not just Club or Wedding DJs-- we do it all! Our professional team each has the ability to perform for any crowd, in any genre! A variety of environments and crowds gives our team incredible experience! 



Our DJs are Mix DJs:


We are not human iPods. We do more than simply play songs one after another. Mix DJs build excitement and energy on the dance floor, and react in real-time! We control the energy from start to finish!



We engage and involve your guests:

We are experts at crowd interaction. Engaging with the crowd, fulfilling their requests, building energy and creating spontaneous, memorable moments is what we thrive on. We create an environment that invites people to have fun! 


We take your event to the next level:

We're passionate about bringing the fun. You won't see our DJs sitting down when it's time to dance. Sharing in the energy of the crowd and providing top-knotch entertainment is what we do best. We love to go above and beyond and customize your event's atmosphere just for you!




We are a group of friends who aim to make your wedding or event memorable & spectacular.


With over 60 years of collective experience and an amazing track record, we're the DJ company that will take your special day to the next level!