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Q: Why are you the best choice for us?

A: We offer serenity.


We aim to relieve as much stress from your wedding as possible. When you book us, you are making an investment into your wedding-- an investment for great entertainment. It guarantees that you can trust us to take care of everything on our end. 


Ultimately, you will leave your wedding with two things: your photos, and your memories. We want those photos to be paired with memories of your family and friends together, in happy celebration. We consider an opportunity to make that happen for you a privilege. We want to be your DJ because we want the best experience for you.


We're positive you'll love us. Check out our testimonials to see a few outcomes from our recent events.



Q: Are you experienced?


A: The iDJ team are not weekend warriors. We're professional artisan DJs.


We are dedicated to the art of DJ and enjoy performing year-round for a variety of events. Our team remains in-demand because passionately sharing music provides an infectious energy that we absolutely love to encourage. 


Q: Why is a mix DJ so important for our event?


A: A list of the greatest songs of all time is a start for a spectacular night. But having only those songs is not everything. Your DJ will work with the songs, your guests' energy, and the vibe of the night to create spontaneous magic.


We mix to eliminate any awkward moments on the dance floor. It allows us to link music together in a unique approach that makes everyone feel safe to have fun. Having control over every track builds incredible energy for the dance floor.


Being adaptable to the needs of the room is a strength of our DJs. That, plus a broad musical knowledge is a combination that ensures a successful and dynamic event.

Q: Do you engage the crowd?


A: Absolutely. We consider crowd interaction vital to a great event.


While we can fill and maintain a dance floor without a word, we enjoy engaging with your guests. We let them feel comfortable to dance and celebrate by starting that social momentum early in the night.


For better or worse, the person and their personality behind the music has a huge impact on the atmosphere of the event.


Each member has different personal techniques, but the outcome is the same: electric energy and a group of happy people. 

Q: Do you have backups?


A: Your DJ will always show up with a backup. In fact, if there is something wrong with one of our systems, it is most likely that you or your guests will never even know.


Other DJ companies will not bring redundant DJ turntables, but we consider it more important to maintain your wedding's atmosphere than to carry less gear.


iDJ is covered with three million dollar liability insurance.

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